About This Site


The Maiwand site has been in existence since1998. On a family trip to California in August of that year, my cousin Masud Osman who was hot and heavy into GNET, got Hamid and me interested in the subject. He actually registered the domain in our name and got us a hosting service - what a guy!

Hamid acquired the basic skills and took on the Webmaster role. He particularly enjoyed the artistic aspects and graphic work. He mastered Photoshop and Flash and created some impressive content. During the senior year of high school, his interest had waned and the site had fallen into a stale state.

Here are the original contributors in a relatively recent picture.


In 2002, the second generation of the site came online when Mirwais and I decided on a new design. The pages are organized in three tiers intended for general public, all family members, and individual areas.

The latest changes were made in October 2006 to make the site XHTML Valid XHTML 1.1! and CSS Valid CCS! compliant.


The domain name maiwand.com is registered and hosted by DreamHost on Unix machines.

Originally, the family pictures and music files were being served from a PC in a Fairfax basement running Apache. In 2006, the music files were taken off-line and the family pictures were moved to a commercial service.