General A. Razaq Maiwand

(1910 - 1973)

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As a young man, Abdul Razaq took on the name Maiwand in honor of his great-grandfather, Tatar Baba, who was a known tribal leader in the Battle of Maiwand, in which the British Empire was defeated for the first time in history.

From an early age, young Maiwand distinguished himself through his brilliance and talents. Following graduation from Kabul's Military Academy, he completed his higher education in Communication in Ankara, Turkey. After that he completed the Academy of General Staff in Istanbul. He graduated among the top cadets, for which he was singled out and recognized by the Afghan ambassador at the time in Turkey, Mr. Faiz Mohammad Khan.

An accomplished linguist, he spoke seven languages and authored several books. He was a proud Afghan, a devout muslim, and a devoted family man.

His highly successful professional life spanned the military and diplomatic services, representing his country in the latter capacity at several posts as the military attaché. At the end of his career, General Maiwand was the commandant of the Military Academy, where he also lectured. excerpt from Who's who

We will remember him as a man of honor and as a loving father. May his ideals be a guide to us.