Who's who

The following is a verbatim excerpt from the book:

"Historical and Political Who's who of Afghanistan"

by Ludwig W. Adamec
ADEVA, Gratz, Austria, 1974
ISBN: 3201009210

Born in 1910, the son of Abdul Hamid, a Sulaiman Khel Alem of Tangi Saidan and Arghandeh, Kabul. Studied at Habibia High School and the Military Academy, Kabul. Studied Arkan-i-Harb (military staff liaison) in Turkey. Appointed Major, Central Army Corps (Quwwa-ye Markaz). Chief of Staff 8th Garrison, and Instructor, Military Academy. First Afghan Military Attaché, Karachi, Pakistan, 1948. Deputy Commander, Kabul Army Corps, 1954. Director, Operations, Ministry of Defense 1955. Military Attaché, Moscow, until 1963 in charge of liaison about the training of Afghan Cadets, in the USSR. President, Operations Department, Ministry of Defense, 1963-65. Commander, Military Academy, 1965-73, when he died of a heart attack. Married twice. His second wife, Raziya Abawi, had accompanied him to Moscow and now lives in Kabul. Children include Kazem, Mir Wais, Khaled, Khaleda, and Mina.