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Date: Mon, 2014-08-20

Salam, Great to hear/found that,
I am Abdul Latif Maiwand from Cheshma-e-Maiwand,Maiwand District, Kandahar.
Best Wishes,

From Abdul Latif Maiwand (

Date: Mon, 2013-03-18

Hello, I just want to congratulate you on putting up such a wonderful website about Late Gen R Maiwand. It is a treasure-trove. The photos are not only historic, they evoke so much nostalgia of a bygone era. It was like taking a walk down memorylane. There was so much grace back then in everything...
My own family traces its origin from Afghanistan. However, they migrated to the British India in late 19th century and a lot of family members had key associations in the military, bureaucracy and politics of Pakistan (and in some cases Afghanistan) since then. My father's older brother, for instance, served in many of the locations and embassies in the time period depicted as Pakistan's defence attache`. Hence, I can relate to many of the photos. Thank you for putting those up. I really enjoyed viewing them.

From Ali Jan, Peshawar, Pakistan (

Date: Mon, 2012-03-19

I would like to add some additional information to the family branch of Habibullah and Hakima.
Please let me know how I can get in contact with you.
Thank you,

From Nahid Maiwand (

Date: Sat, 2012-02-10

Salam, You have a very nice Family home page with intressting nic epictures.
Please build your family tree with this site.
Have a nice day.
Khoda hafez

From Dr.Rahim Karim (

Date: Sat, 2011-11-19

J'ai découvert ce site par hasard... J'ai beaucoup aimé regarder les photos, notamment celles de vos parents, et en apprendre un peu plus sur la famille de mon adorable belle-soeur, Mina. Je vous embrasse. Anne

From Anne Lugrin (

Date: Fri, 2011-05-27

To Honourable Family of Maiwand,


I am writing you on behalf of my father Said Akbar, grand cousine of Mama Lalagha! In his words "Salam wa ehteramat taqdeemetan bache mama lalagha". Even I can remember mohtaram Sheraqha Qadir khan and Goljan ;-) All to the best to you! Also salam ziad padarjanem ba shoma! per. pro. Ali Akbar

From Said Akbar (

Date: Aug. 30, 2010


I am Mohammad Akbar Arghandewal grand son of late Mohammad Zaman Khan Arghandewal who was a well known police officer. I am glad to see this website as we are your far relatives. We actually belong to late Hakim e Alla Abdul Zahir Khan's family who married to Agha Mirza Abdul Ali Khan's sister in 1910. Agha Mirza or Abdul Ali Khan is Miwand saheb's cousin or uncles son. My great grad father was Adul Ghaffar Khan an army Colonel who was Hakim Abdul Zahir Khan's younger brother. Miwand saheb (PBUH) was a friend of my great grand father and he was very fond of Zaman Khan my grand father. Children of Miwand saheb's cousin Agha Mirza and Abul Qayoom Khan still live in Kabul and are closely related to us. I will surely convey your regards to all of them. For your information, Agha Mirza's grand son whos name is Colonel Mohammad Humayoon Kazemi has been recently awarded a mdeal of honour by the Defence Minister of France and he is currently in Paris undertaking a high level Military training at the France Defence Academy. He is very fond of Miwand saheb and he usually speak about old days. Colonel Humayon completed his Military academy in 1970s with outstanding results a national 1st ranker or topper in entire Afghanistan. Miwand sahebs other cousin Jan Agha Homayoons uncel is still alive living in London who served as Governer and Minister during 1955 - 70s. I am also aware that some of your cousin also live in Kabul. Well...i have lots to say but i think we can talk more and more in future...i am on face book (Mohammd Akbar Khan) I work with the UNODC in Kabul as Program Manager, but i actually live outside Afghanistan abroad. Bachelor in Economics, Master in Political Economics and another Master in Business Administration. completed 12th or entire schooling in India. and i got an ambition to make my country proud like Miwand saheb (PBUH) and other anscestors. Just for further information and for you to easly trace who we are, we belong to the Khandan of Abdul Shkoor Khan, Mohammad Isaac Khan, Kaze Abdul Rahman e Fekki, Hakim Adul Zahir Khan, Adul Ghaffar Khan, Saheed Mullah Meya Gul Akhondzada, Ghazi abudl Rahman Khan, Rahees Noor-ul-Haq Khan, Mohammad Zaman Khan, ....some famous figures in your khandan are Ghazi Abdul Majeed Khan (Miwand sahebs uncel), Hakim Qayoom Khan, Agha Mirza Abdul Ali Khan - POlice Commander are Miwand sahebs cousins, Tattar Baba PBUH is Miwand sahebs GGfather, Moulanna Mohammad Kazem also his GF, Comesaar Hashim Khan miwand sahebs nephew...or cousins son, Walee saheb Jan Agha who lives in London, Akkaram Khan a wall know mathamatician of Afghanistan also his nephew, ...anyway below is a family tree of yours that i know...

Tattar baba
Moullanna Qamaruddin
Moullanna Mohammad kazem

Ghazi Abdul Majeed Khan (also known as Kaze-ul-kozad and Naib-ul-Hukumma saheb) Miwands sahebs uncle (no info about Miwands sahebs father...but i heard he was a great Movlanna a follower of his father Mohammad Kazem)

Agha Mirza who served as police commander and Hakim Qayoom Khan

and then the comes the children..
Wale saheb
Comesaar Hashim Khan
Akkram Khan
Rahees Mukhtaar Khan
Akhtar Khan

and their children - last generation
Mohd Amin Khpalwak
Dr Sediq kazemi
Dr Fahim Kazemi
Colonel Homayoon Kazzemi
Colonel Zalmay Kazemi (air force poilot)
and their cousins live in USA - no inform about them
Lila jan married to our relative Najibullah jan

hope you find this good...cheers and khoda hafiz,

Date: Aug. 23, 2010

To Honourable Family of Maiwand,

I visited your website I was really impressed for the information that you provide concering your late father which is not only proud of his family but alos of his county , such task will improve our spritual assets. These information will help our new generation to know themselves specially in the darkness which is currenty existing in our county once again thanks for good work and which you sucess in your great task.

From Khalilullah Fatehzada (

Date: Mar. 1, 2010

Its very nice to see someone is looking after the tribal infomation. This is a great job you are doing. It would be better if you collect some more information about what happened to each of the family members or what are they currently doing, career, education wise, etc! this would be a good example for us afghans to see where are we standing in life.

From S. Azam (

Date: Jan. 31, 2010

Hi ,
I was just going through the history of Afghanistan as I am Pashtun myself.I find this page with the name of search in google for Maiwand, found it interesting and informative.
Good effort

From Waqar Ahmed (

Date: Oct. 5, 2008

Regards and Best Wishes,

First of all I would like to present my heart deep salutaions and warmest regards to all members of Late. General Sahib's Family.

Afterwards I would like to appreciate the wonderful work that you have done for remembering Late. General sahib and specially the family tree that you have provided is very interesting, but with some mistakes which is, the entire family of Late. Aziz Ahmad Abawi is under the name of Late. Amir Ahmad Abawi and vice-versa.

And in case you required some more details regarding the members of Late. Amir Ahma Abawi, I would be pleased to provide you with the information that I have.

And please present my and my family's respect and regards to Muhtarama Khala Parween Jan.

My name is Gharzai Khwakhuzhi son of Saleha Khwakhuzhi Abawi an grand son of Amir Ahmad Abawi.

Gharzai Khwakhuzhi
Dubai - UAE

Date: Oct. 2, 2008

Dear Family,
My name is Walid Maiwand Son Of Shafi and Saleha Maiwand. We came across this your Web page. My father and I enjoyed all the family pictures.

We live in San Francisco Bay Area. We look forward to hearing from you.I would love to have you meet your cousin, My daughter Brianna Maiwand age 7, and my wife Monica Maiwand.

Warm Regards

Date: July 13, 2008

salam i wish the best for you all over world goodluck

Date: May 22, 2008

My name is Avesta and My father was born raised in Maiwand.
Recently he passed away in maiwand. he lived in the united states for 25 years waiting for a day to go back and live and die in maiwand. his death has not affected me in a way where I am taking a close look into my roots. this is how I came to find out about this page.
I hope to slowely make connection with the people that have such a profound history.

Date: Apr 23, 2008

Hello Everybody,
I really enjoyed looking at all of my family. I want to thank you for doing this site in my uncle's memory.
Best Regards,

Date: Mar. 25, 2008

Hello Maiwand Family,
We ran across your website while searching for something else on Google. My name is Malal and I am Homaira's daughter. This site is very informative and the pictures are beautiful.
This must have taken a lot of time and hard work, so good job.
My mom, my dad, my two siters Yalda, and Hila as well as Nahid Maiwand (my cousin) are all sitting around and enjoying the family pictures.
Nicely done!!

Date: Dec 31, 2007

I am Safa Maiwand, I live in San Francisco California. This June I will graduate from UCSF school of dentistry, with a doctor of dental surgery degree. I am looking forward to meeting Afghans in the San Francisco area.

Date: Dec 8, 2007

My name is Mohammad Ehsan Abawi. I'm the son of Deen Mohammad Abawi & Merogul Abawi. Razia jan Maiwand is the cousin of my mom and i read in your site that there is a webalbum, and i was wondering if it was possible to have a look at familymembers photos.
I'm looking forward to your reply.

Date: Nov. 1, 2007

Salaam dear Mirwais jan,
I don't know if you remember me, I'm Shah Mahmood, your next-door neighbor in Kabul. We went to Amir Abdul Rahman Khan Ibtedaaya together. you were a couple of years ahead of me.
I found your family site on the net and it was very nice to see your and your family pictures.
I live in Las Vegas with my family and have been in the States for the past 23. It would be great to talk to you and reminisce about the old days. Please give my regards to your family.
Khoda Haafiz.

Date: June 17, 2004

salaam ba hama faamil azizetan,
it's very strange and emotionaly a very new experience to visit a family site, it was the first time for me, and i can say sincerely thank you, i make me remenber a long time ago hope seeing you all soon, may be in kabul? or anywhere in this world maatchi
Soraya Nouri
please excuse my non perfect english

Date: May 17, 2002

First of all, I apologize for my english.
Congratulations for your website which is so wonderfull.
It gives me, who has allways been so lucky to live in my country, with my family, a great feeling of humility.
We never appreciate enough all the happiness we have !
I'm happy, and let's say... proud, to know some of you, and to have spent such a nice evening with them, and with afghan music.
Very far away from the terrifying image given by the Talibans, Afghanistan, thanks to you, represents for me only kindness, music, very good meals (thanks to Mayena), gentleness, full of attention, and laugh (specially the very typical and infectious "Maiwand" burst of laughter).
I wish a long long life to your website !
Hélène Detemple